Child Sexual Abuse: India Has Miles To Go

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Co-Written By Ashish Kumar Singh and Shirin Shabana Khan

2017-18 is witnessing a transition where not only the successful (mostly online) campaign #Me-too is shaking our psyche, but also imprisonment to Larry Nassar up to almost 300 years in different cases is painfully relieving for the majority of us.

India’s attitude towards sexual abuse and child sexual abuse needs an overhaul. A survey participated in by more than 45,000 children in the 12- 18 age group, across 26 states in the country, revealed that one in every two children is a victim of child sexual abuse. Conducted by World Vision India with a sample of 45,844 respondents, the survey also revealed that one in every five do not feel safe because of the fear of being sexually abused. It also found that one in four families do not come forward to report child abuse.

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JULY 2018

Vol. 12 - No. 12


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