A Brief Discourse on Naga’s Struggle for Self-Respect and Freedom

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By Aniruddha Vithal Babar

Indo-Naga Conflict has earned a significant place in the Military history of the world. It is not just an Armed Battle between two political enemies within the geo-political boundaries of India, but also an all-out war between two distinct ‘nations’. It is not simply a ‘problem’ of law and ‘disorder’ of order in some distant part of India, but a suffering of unfortunate souls who are victimised by the history. The impact of Indo-Naga conflict has not been confined to the political boundaries of India but also affected the politics of entire East Asia. The story of Nagaland does not start with the Political Freedom of India, it does not even start with the formation of the State of Nagaland in 1963, but it started thousands of years back when the ancestors of the Nagas finally settled in today’s Naga Inhabited Region including present state of Nagaland which was then absolutely unknown, untouched, ungoverned, virgin hilly region.

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JULY 2018

Vol. 12 - No. 12


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