The Box of Fire - A Hockey Legend

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By Luke Sequeira *

Once upon a time there existed 3 dimensions: fire (good), ice (bad) and earth. The fire dimension was ruled by a red peacock named Ko, and the ice dimension was ruled by a creature that was called “The Sickle”. Ko created the first people on earth in the nation of Canada. The peacock gave these people a secret gift which he hid at the bottom of the deepest ocean on earth. Soon The Sickle and Ko fought, and kept on fighting until the dimensions crumbled! At the end of the battle, The Sickle won and locked Ko in a cage of ice, deep down in the ocean.

Then, The Sickle waved his hand and a cold blizzard came upon the earth. People ran left and people ran right but The Sickle simply waved his hand and the blizzard hit the people. The people tried to light a fire but without Ko they could not get a spark. The crops started to fail and there was nothing they could do about it. But Ko knew there was one last hope to save the earth. He gathered all his energy for this task, save for a spark (too weak to even power a mini LED) so that he could remain alive. Ko sent this energy in one concentrated blast and that sent a tsunami towards the land.

Now the secret gift of Ko was an orange magical box that was about the size of a shoe box, with small yellow centers and red borders. The box had the power to magically melt snow. A young boy named Manny Crosby found the box andwas amazed! He opened the box and found that it contained 12 hockey suits, sticks, a puck, and a rule book, all made of fire. Manny distributed these to his friends and they skated around the world playing hockey. In doing so they melted all the ice and freed Ko.

Now The Sickle and Ko still fight, making summer and winter. That is why one does not know if it will be hot or cold. When Ko prevails, it is hot and when The Sickle prevails, it is cold.

This story was passed down by Manny Crosby for many generations and hockey is now a sport. Now we do not use equipment of fire because it would melt the ice but we do still use the same rules.

* Luke Sequeira is an eleven-year-old who lives in Mississauga, Ontario. He attends St Jude separate school. He loves math, science and writing stories.


Vol. 12 - No. 3


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