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1867 - 2017


Reflections on Canada at 150

By Jim Miles - Global Research

July 1st, 2017, was Canada’s sesquicentennial, its one hundred fiftieth birthday. A youngster in comparison to many, not an elder statesman to any. The Canadian maple leaf flag hung on our porch rail, not for pride in our government, but for the realization that by pure chance we live in a remarkable region of the world... Read more

Canada, My Home!

By Dr. Dilkhush Panjwani

Canada's greatest legacy as a nation is its 'ethnosphere' of diversity, which is "the sum total of all thoughts, dreams, ideas, beliefs, myths, intuitions and inspirations brought into being by the human imagination" of its indigenous people and immigrants from every corner of the world over the past 150 years. 

Our great country, Canada, is exemplary of an embodiment of the spirit of humanitarianism, acceptance, cooperation, freedom, and peaceful existence of its citizen in a multicultural, pluralistic, meritocratic, civil society.

Canada seeks to embrace and preserve diversity and a mosaic of traditions, cultures and different perspectives of its people and also strives to protect the environment. 

Imagine, if every person in Canada contributes 150 noble deeds for the betterment of humanity during the 150th anniversary year, it will exponentially multiply to eradicate poverty, suffering and strife of our fellow human beings, as well as bring peace to the world.

It is more important what we give back to Canada, rather than what we get from Canada. What matters most is where we go from here, not where we come from. 

Happy 150th Birthday, Canada! May you prosper in this century and beyond!


Vol. 12 - No. 3


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