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By Dr KS Sharma

Indian Constitution Unriddled      apparently is  a  curious  title.     But then,     why  did  the authors choose this title?It can be said without fear of contradiction that the Constitution of India is a bundle of riddles, though it can also be argued that there are quite a number of contradictions in this voluminous document. The questions that concerned the authors are :If the Constitution of India is a bundle of riddles, what are these riddles? How can these riddles be resolved and what method would help to find the solution to these riddles? etc. When answers to the first question- what are these riddles? – are sought, those that strike uppermost are the following riddles.

How much Indian is the Indian Constitution? Or is it Indian at all? Then, the question about the Preamble, “We the people of India”. Who are these ‘People of India’, who framed the Constitution? Were they the “real people of India?” Can we attribute the Sovereignty to “the People of India”? If not, why not? After that, did we really become independent on 15th August 1947, and a Sovereign Democratic Republic, on 26th January 1950?

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JULY 2018

Vol. 12 - No. 12


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