Taira: The Young Debator

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By A Correspondent


Taira Mehta is a Grade 7 student at The York School in Toronto.  A debate enthusiast, she along with her partner Pheobe K Rotman won the third prize at her very first debating event on February 4 at the Sterling Hall Kaufman Cup Tournament and shared her experience with one of our correspondents.

The York School's debating team was also awarded the overall 3rd position among all the schools that participated. 

Q. What is the Sterling Hall Kaufman cup tournament?

A.The Kaufman Cup Debate is a Canadian Parliamentary style debate. In this debate there are two main parts: The prepared topic (we got a week in advance to prepare for both for and against the topic) and the impromptu debating (we got 30 minutes to prepare). The judges score you based on your points, arguments against the opponents and the flow. Our topic was - “Sports teams named after Aboriginal Tribes should be permitted.”

Q. How did you do in it?


I have to say, for my very first time debating, I think I did pretty well. I loved working with my paired partner and good friend Pheobe Kaiser Rotman. Even though we both are new debaters I felt that we both worked great together as a team supporting, strategizing and complementing each other in every way. Even though we won the third prize, I felt as if we had won both debates. As our points and arguments were very well developed and confidently spoken with conviction.

Q. How did you get interested in Debating?

A. I had heard my dad was in the debating team of Carnegie Mellon University and was amazing. So I was always curious what debating was all about. So when I had the chance to be part of the York School's debating club, I jumped in to experience it first hand. Now, I feel I am hooked for life.

Taira's hobbies include learning Classical Indian Music, Bharatnatyam Dance, Dramatics, Volleyball, Soccer, Reading - Writing Stories and now of course Debating.

JULY 2018

Vol. 12 - No. 12


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