When Dreams Take Flight

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By A Correspondent

Neena Singh's entry into the world of television was a cinch.  Currently the much-loved star of Tere Sheher Mein (Star Plus) and the main lead of Khwaabon ke Darmiyan (DD One), she is well-known for her many roles in innumerable TV shows and feature films.

The main negative role in in Ruk Jana Nahin (Star Plus), over 15 stories as a main lead in Crime Patrol (Sony TV), key roles in Sabki Laadli Bebo (Star Plus), Uttaran (Colors TV), Ek Chutki Aasman (Sahara One), Lapataganj (SAB TV) among others; and over 25 plays - these are but a part of this talented young actor's journey.

Neena studied Film Orientation and Film Appreciation from the renowned Film & Television Institute of Pune (FTII) and holds a P.G. Diploma in Dramatics Arts from Bharatendu Academy of Dramatic Arts, Lucknow.  She is also equipped with a P.G. Diploma in Dance & Drama from Agra University.  Humble to the core, she reluctantly admits to all her Post Graduate courses being sponsored by the Govt. of India amongst thousands of students.  An accomplished dancer, Neena is also a Diploma holder in Kathak Dance from Lalit Kala Institute of Fine Arts in Agra. 

 Neena's father worked in the Health Department of the Govt. of Uttar Pradesh and her mother was a homemaker.  When she was growing up, she was profoundly influenced by Madhuri Dixit and the seeds of desire to act on screen were sown in her impressionable mind.  Imitating her family members also worked to her advantage.  During her shenanigans, Neena's talent became obvious to her near and dear ones.  She loved to watch television and dance to what would appear on screen, so everyone around her proclaimed that she would eventually become an actor.

Due to Neena's interest in the arts, her father enrolled her in the Indian People's Theatre Academy when she was 10.  "From there my basic education in dance and acting began," she acknowledged the Academy's influence in her life.  At the celebrated FTII, Neena learnt the nuances of filmmaking.  Then she shifted to Mumbai to do several films and TV shows.  Nothing fascinates her more than acting because she is able to live and play so many characters.  

Social causes are close to Neena's heart.  She feels that the government should think of and come up with retirement schemes for people that work in the entertainment industry post 60 years of age. 

A consummate professional, she thrives in the challenges of the profession.  "No matter what one's mental state is, when the lights and camera come on, one has to perform as per the demands of the character," she exclaimed and recalled a heart rending incident from her life.  Neena's father had passed on, and right after, she had to shoot a wedding sequence for the film, Running Shaadi.Com in Patiala - "Setting my pain and personal issues aside, I had to appear happy and gave my best for the scene."

Neena loves to travel and feels enriched when she connects with people and members of her audience.   Using entertainment and laughter as a medium, she wants to showcase the various shades of life.  She nurses a desire to open a theatre company one day where many different talents will blossom.  As of now, she remains on a hit-the-ground-running schedule and lives the intriguing lives of many different people.

May Neena Singh's quest to play myriad characters continue with great gusto.

JULY 2018

Vol. 12 - No. 12


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