Samrat Mazumdar: A Businessman with A Heart

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By A Correspondent

Samrat Mazumdar’s advent in the business world was not by chance. When he was very young, he witnessed some of his relatives successfully running engineering organizations in Calcutta. Unable to be a part of all the exciting action fired him up to become a part of the engineering world. Time was such that one had to decide from three broad streams of study. So with no interest in Medicine or Accountancy, Engineering became a natural choice for him.

Samrat settled on Mechanical Engineering as this discipline gave exposure to almost all the engineering fields. Besides, there was the added advantage of learning about machines, which excited him no end.

The most interesting part of engineering training for Samrat was that one would find a practical approach to what was happening around, with a distinct focus on analytics. There was also the opportunity to challenge everything with data and science. "Nothing moves by chance but by the rigor of logic and reasoning to comprehend and act," says Samrat. He adds, "Emotion is fine but it needs an immense process of reasoning, logic and analysis to reach a decision."

Till this day, that is the way he likes to run his work.

After a short stint in British Oxygen, Samrat jumped into Sales and Marketing as a career by joining a Swedish multinational, Atlas Copco India Ltd, where he worked for about 8 years. Thereafter he joined Esab India, another Swedish multinational company and was responsible for the marketing of welding machines for about 11 years. Next was a stint with the famed Tata Group with Tata Metaliks where he was responsible for Supply Chain. At that time he also became a certified Malcolm Baldridge Business Excellence Assessor. Thereafter, he became associated with Panasonic Welding where he was responsible for setting up of their Marketing and Sales function.  He was also a founder member of the organization in India. At Panasonic, Samrat was responsible for establishing sales and marketing of Robots and welding machines and they went on to be a market leader in the four years that he spent there.

The time had come to look for bigger challenges. So he jumped at the possibility of leading eBIW, a promising young company in Kolkata with great growth prospects. Samrat realized eBIW’s potential to be in the high-end technology space, a niche segment where the challenge is to remain relevant in the fast- changing technology scenario. 

In spite of being at the top end of the technology space, eBIW needed growth strategies and the right motivation. With Samrat at the helm, the vision of the promoters began germinating and blooming into a great tree. "My mission to give back a tangible and sustainable resource to society is being fulfilled with my association with eBIW," says Samrat. And every day he drives eBIW towards the technology areas of Big data, Realtime Insights, Machine learning, Cloud computing, IoT and Manufacturing 4.0.

With eBIW’s quick success, another company, SmartTech was started by the promoters. The idea was to bring cutting edge technology for developing nations in the domain of agriculture and healthcare. SmartTech will soon provide IOT based solutions to benefit the masses by way of smart irrigation and smart monitoring of Parkinson’s disease patients. Instant recognition as a startup project by the Government of India’s Department of Commerce and Industry reiterated that they were in the right space and domain.  SmartTech’s technology partners are top end Institutes of India like IIT Kharagpur and Institute of Neurosciences, Kolkata.

At SmartTech, Samrat is confronted with and thrives on both challenges and thrills of building new products.  He is all about building sustainable, workable solutions that deliver their promise, along with being economical.

Farmers have seen crop failures due to unpredictable water conditions.  In many such places, technology interventions were not possible.  SmartTech’s solution – smart irrigation, through sprinklers, would be a right step in conserving water. They would optimize and predict the crop’s requirement during the agricultural crop cycle.

An exciting opportunity in the Healthcare sector also fuelled Samrat’s passion to help the less fortunate. For geriatric patients, SmartTech is developing a unique product.  Parkinson’s disease would be monitored and screened. It would reduce costs and pain to patients and their families. "An affordable solution is the need of the hour and it will benefit wide strata of society." He confirms that SmartTech is stepping up to the task.

Any business is destined to be successful if it generates wealth to its stakeholders. This is necessary to contribute to society and support it on a long term basis.  Emphasizes Samrat, “This is also the prime driver in our ventures and inspiration for the efforts we put in.  There are no two ways about this.”

eBIW and SmartTech have a shared vision. Both companies want to be relevant and flexible in addressing disruptive technologies.  They want to embrace unique opportunities that are unfolding in the current global business scenario. But most importantly, they want to be known as a customer-focused composite team.

Technology is changing very fast. So are the requirements of customers. The move from transactional relationships to value based relationships is the cornerstone of these two dynamic companies.  And when a businessman with a heart like Samrat Mazumdar’s is steering the ship, plenty of lives promise to be touched.

JULY 2018

Vol. 12 - No. 12


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