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By Megha Subramanian *

“Woofer tu meri, mein tera amplifier” – a very popular Punjabi song sets the tone of Boys with Cars. With several catchy Bollywood, hip-hop and Indian classical numbers, this solo play by Anita Majumdar addresses issues of racial stereotypes, school politics and an ingrained patriarchal conditioning that leads several lives astray.

The actress, choreographer and dancer - Anita Majumdar portrays almost five characters so adeptly that one can see them in flesh and blood. Her body language, her speech and her expressions just transform her into a completely new person and she manages to build a world of several people, just with her solo presence!

Although the play’s empathy lies with the protagonist, it brings to life all its other characters, shedding light on the irony of the social system – a system that survives only by ‘boxing’ people. Interestingly, the characters bring to light the human dilemma; of wanting to belong by being ‘boxed’, and at the same time, struggle to break free. Woven very thoughtfully with the great performance, are the sets, costumes and lights; which take the audiences to a world characterized by irony.

The sheer artistic brilliance of it, makes it a must-watch for everyone! So, do hitch a ride once with the ‘Boys with Cars’.

* Megha Subramanian is an Indian classical dancer, writer, filmmaker and a curator of

JULY 2018

Vol. 12 - No. 12


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