Genie in a Bottle: Trisha Mukhopadhyay

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An Unquenched Thirst of A Speaking Mind

By A Correspondent

Trisha Mukhopadhyay is a popular radio host, motivational speaker, leadership coach, voice artist and a digital strategist from New Jersey.  And Namaskar Indiawaale and Hello World is what she says to greet her wide audience.

Trisha grew up as a military child along with her ever-inspiring three siblings, travelled throughout the Indian sub-continent with her own set of heroes - her mother and father, experienced different cultures, befriended new people, and learned to embrace diversity with open arms.  She was the recipient of the National Best All Rounder Student award from the Prime Minister of India in 1989 on the Nehru birth centenary and has thereafter won numerous awards in the US and overseas.  She won the Karaoke Queen Singing Sensation by Mother India and EBC Radio New Jersey and was the winner of the NRI Antakshari award in New York. 

Trisha has been an Emcee/Live Show Host of Zee Heritage India Festival between 2004-2009, Indo-American Fair between 2007-2011, Desi Mela 2010-2011, Dushahra at Lake Papaianni between 2008-2011 and had several appearances on Zee TV, Sony TV, ITV Live, TV 36 and TV Asia among others.  She has spoken internationally for Bharat Scouts and Guides, in the presence of the President of India and many foreign delegates, and won many awards for debates and public speaking contests.  And over the years, she has lent her voice in several voice-over, jingles, radio and TV commercials.

With a Bachelor’s degree in Science from Calcutta University and a few years of work experience in the service industry, she moved to New York in 1998 with her high school sweetheart after their marriage. Now she lives in New Jersey along with her husband and two daughters who kindle her creative endeavors everyday.

Trisha always dreamt of inspiring people to be their own leaders and make a positive change in their lives. She knew that to turn her dream into a reality, she needed to explore her ability to hear the unsaid, see the invisible, taste the unfamiliar, smell their nostalgia and use the power of her voice to touch their souls.

In 2010, while she was still working in the corporate sector, she responded to her inner calling of empowering people with her leadership skills.  She founded BZ Desi Women in Pardes (BZDWIP), an online forum for women to come together, motivate each other to break their self-imposed barriers, and take charge of their lives.

The same year, she decided to give an-hour-a-week back to the community and hence started her own talk show titled Bindaas with Trisha from a New Jersey-based South Asian radio station.  Since then, in her own storytelling style, she takes her listeners on the extraordinary journey of a commoner’s life through current news and happenings, latest trends and technology, sports, people, places, food, and lifestyle. She loves to be up close and personal with people around the world by using technology and social media and interacts with her listeners in between the soulful music she plays for them to de-stress.

Trisha is also a permanent fixture in the hosting circuit and covers cultural, musical, and literary events, trade shows, product launches, award functions, and corporate events in the United States as well as abroad. And her signature Namaskar Indiawaale and Hello World continues to resonate with the South Asian community as well as with her global listeners.   

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JULY 2018

Vol. 12 - No. 12


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