Whodunit With A Twist – Case #99

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Review By Sharada  K  Eswar *

There is a very thin line that separates ambition and avarice, they say; and that is what the storyline of Sawitri Theatre Group’s Case #99 sets out to investigate and prove. Yogesh Soman’s award-winning Marathi play’s translation by Jasmine Sawant explores the Machiavellian workings of the human mind and the retribution that awaits.

Nothing is what it seems in the world of Madhuri (Raina Desai), Satyasheel (Sid Sawant) and Inspector Ramesh Sawant (Seth Mohan). A young man dies. Accident? Murder? Who is guilty? Who is innocent? Is the Inspector who he says he is?

Investigating officer, Inspector Ramesh Sawant, is on his 99th case! Like Hercule Poirot he has never lost a case. Will this be the one that he loses? Questions that I, in the audience, was riddled by. Nothing however prepared me for the surprise at the end. A true whodunit that had me guessing till the very end.

And all credit to the three young actors who do a commendable job of concealing the surprise right to the very end.  Sid Sawant’s Satyasheel is all greed, laced with just the right amount of frenzy.

Desai does credit to the spunky yet fragile Madhuri. All three handle their roles with perfect aplomb. Seth Mohan as the investigation Inspector, however steals the show. His entire demeanor, his sense of entitlement as an authority figure, his abrasiveness makes one wish that he would lose this case! All of these collisions are superbly orchestrated by Director Christina Collins who keeps Jasmine Sawant’s crisp and clear translation moving at a great pace.

* Sharada K Eswar is a playwright, storyteller and singer based in Toronto. 

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Play By Yogesh Soman   Translated by: Jasmine Sawant  Directed by: Christina Collins
A Sawitri Theatre Group Production
@ Buddies in Bad Times 12 Alexander Street Toronto

Until May 14, 2016

JULY 2018

Vol. 12 - No. 12


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