TCF Medical Clinic in Kolkata

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By A Correspondent

TCF is a registered Canadian charity working to improve lives of needy both in Toronto and Calcutta, India. The TCF began in 1988 by a group of Canadians.

Our focus both in suburbs of Kolkata and in Toronto is low income women and children. Our activities span three areas: Basic health care clinics and camps in remote villages, Primary and secondary education to needy children, Vocational training for low income women.

Medical field clinics: Visiting weekly medical clinics are held in 5 places in Kolkata –Raghabpur, Boral, Gangrai, Ghutiari Sharif, and Bade Hooghly that checked between 550 to 600 patients per month on an average. The field clinics involve 5 doctors plus field staff.

Aneesha Ghosh, a volunteer from Toronto, recently visited Kolkata's Raghavpur medical clinic. She took  these photographs at the Raghavpur clinic. The TCF doctors serve about 1000 patients per month in our clinics at six different locations. Patients are mostly children and women from rural areas. The patients are also provided basic medicines at the TCF clinics.

JULY 2018

Vol. 12 - No. 12


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