42nd Canada Federal Election

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The voting for 2015 Canada’s federal election is on Monday, October 19.

There are 338 ridings instead of 308 in the last election.

On October 27, 2011, the Conservative government tabled Bill C-20,[1] a measure that would expand the House of Commons from 308 to 338 seats, with 15 additional seats for Ontario, 6 additional seats each for Alberta and British Columbia, and 3 for Quebec.[2] This follows two previous measures to expand the chamber from its current size.[3][4][5] The new electoral districts came into effect for the 2015 federal election.

There are five main parties listed alphabetically below. Visit the websites to learn about the priorities of each party.

In addition to the five main parties, many others have candidates running in Canada’s 338 ridings. Access them all at .Elections Canada’s list of eligible and registered political parties

Complete coverage of Election is available at: Election Almanac for Federal Election

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