A Young Author with a Creative Vision: Abhishek Roy at Fifteen

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Interviewed by Sasmitaa Nadarajah

There are a number of novelists out there.  But on June 26, there was an addition to that pool, a fifteen year old boy named Abhishek Roy.  His first book of a trilogy titled, Father of the Gods was launched at Indigo Books in Brampton on that day.

Abhishek took time out from his North American tour to talk to us and below is an excerpt from the interview.

What made you want to write a book?

I used to love reading history, mythology and cultures around the world and then I dug into high levels of physics and math and I saw these connections between high levels of physics with mythology and finally got to kind of explain the unexplained bits of mythology using scientific theories, so those links started clicking into my head and then I just modeled that into story, and yeah, I love writing.

Is there something about this book that is different with respect to other books of this genre?

I think what happens is books that deal with mythology are more about the fantasy side and seems very magical but cannot really find a very rational explanation and I have tried to provide that in my book by using the scientific theories, so that all of it seems as real as possible.  So it’s more a science fiction rather than a fantasy book, trying to create an intricate plot with a lot of forces.

While writing this book did you come across any hurdle?

I did come across many hurdles, but I never really lost the interest to write this book. I had many hurdles writing the action sequences to maintain the flow, and when I came across a scene that I didn’t know how to complete, I’d leave a space and go on. So it took me some time to fill those spaces up. It was problematic but also fun. I really loved writing, and I couldn’t just let go of it.

If you can pick one word that describes your book, what would it be? 

Can I use a hyphenated word? Action-packed! It was the driving force. I didn’t want to make it dry and bland; I wanted it to have some complexity.

What about science, mythology and history captivate you?

I like modern history, but ancient history and mythology really fascinate me. They’re not more definite but rather more mysterious than modern parts, and that gives you a place to think about and play around with what could’ve happened in that time. For me, Quantum Physics is awesome, because they seem like magic sometimes. Magic can exist in this world through science while explaining things rationally.

What is the general message of the book?

The message that you can pull out from this book, that I’ve come to realize, is that there are many movies and literary works that talk about parents going to humungous extents to protect their children, but this book is more about the children going to great extents to find their fathers. It’s like an inversion. A quest for truth and their roots.

* Sasmitaa Nadarajah is a student of Rhetorics, Professional Writing and Digital Arts at the University of Waterloo.  Her interests include volunteering, writing, various forms of artistic design and sports.

JULY 2018

Vol. 12 - No. 12


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