An Exclusive Dinner to Celebrate Film and Forge Connections

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Hosted by VISAFF (Vancouver International South Asian Film Festival)

By A Correspodent

Community engagement events for VISAFF 2015 (Vancouver International South Asian Film Festival) have started early this year, with, an exclusive film industry networking dinner on the evening of March 5th hosted by VISAFF 2015’s co-producers, Mannu Sandhu and Jessie Lehail.

“The focus of the event was to create conversations between two industries, who at times work in siloes, forge ties for new projects and establish connections,” commented Mannu Sandhu. “Guests from both mainstream and South Asian film and television dined on sumptuous food at Siddhartha's Indian Kitchen and sipped on Kalala Organic Wine, both official hospitality sponsors for VISAFF 2015.”

As part of the celebrations, VISAFF & WIFTV (Women In Film + Television Vancouver) was thrilled to host Anne Misawa, Assistant Director of Margarita with a Straw. Kalki Koechlin was awarded the WIFTV Award for Best Performance The compelling drama from India charts the struggles and sense of freedom experienced by a Delhi teenager with cerebral palsy.

“For a fifth successive year, VISAFF has worked diligently to showcase how South Asian filmmakers tell their stories. It gives us great pleasure and honour to support local talent, establish global ties and develop creativity, thus boosting the quality of filmmaking in the region as a whole,” commented Jessie Lehail. 

“It was a great honour to have film industry influencers enjoy a selection of Siddartha’s Indian Kitchen’s eats,” notes Siddhartha Choudary, chef and owner.“Guests mingled, had delicious wine, and tucked into an array of vegetarian and non-vegetarian dishes.”

Originally founded by Agam Darshi and Patricia Isaac, VISAFF’s purpose and vision is to "bridge the gap" between South Asian talent and mainstream audiences in British Columbia. VISAFF happens November 27- 29, 2015, with numerous community engagement events year-round.

More about Anne Misawa

Anne Misawa grew up in Hawaii.  Having graduated from University of Southern California’s Graduate Film and Television Program, she has worked internationally in various aspects of film production. Her primary work is as a Director and as a Cinematographer, most recently for Margarita with a Straw. Directed by Sonali Bose, won the Network for the promotion of Asian cinema or NETPAC at TIFF in 2014 was selected to play at the WIFTV’s opening night. Anne attended the opening night at Women In Film + Television Vancouver and conducted a "lighting for directors" workshop on March 8.

More about VISAFF

VISAFF was founded in 2010 by Agam Darshi and Patricia Isaac. VISAFF’s purpose and vision is to "bridge the gap" between South Asian talent and mainstream audiences. VISAFF is instrumental in breaking the South Asian stereotype, and expanding North American views on the artists within the culture beyond Bollywood. This festival is committed to serving as a launching pad for integration through celebration and education. VISAFF 2015 is November 27 to 29, 2015.

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