KLM Shines at Toronto Airport Street Festival 2014

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By A Correspondent

It was a street festival on the tarmac of Canada’s busiest international airport. This was a free fun filled fantastic family event.

This was the 4th Annual Street Festival, a community event, at Toronto Pearson Airport on September 13 which had its largest crowd in attendance. Despite rain, over 6000 people came through the gates to take part in the festival.

To make it all happen, over 200 volunteers were at hand to talk and explain what happens behind the scenes at the airport. There was something for everybody - airport equipment up close to see, kids zone for play and food to eat.

From airside tours to checking out huge airplanes – inside and out – this Street Festival is Toronto Pearson’s opportunity to give the community a unique look behind the scenes at Canada’s largest airport.

KLM paid a special visit to Toronto Pearson Airport’s Street Festival. KLM is the last airline to fly the MD-11 passenger jet, which was introduced in 1988. This fall it will retire its final three MD-11’s. As a special treat to airplane enthusiasts, the MD-11 ‘Audrey Hepburn’ which had just arrived from Amsterdam Schiphol was towed to the Street Festival.

OpenJaw, The Travel Industry’s Biggest Mouthpiece, reports:

The crew was on hand to mingle with the crowd, pose for photos and answer questions.

When asked if photo ops were part of his typical routine, Captain  Bas Van Leeuwen replied, “No, but when I came off the plane I felt like a celebrity!”

Karan Deswal, Director Stations Toronto & Western Canada at Air France - KLM, said: “This is a very special occasion for KLM.” There was a hint of sadness among the ground crew who were on board as the majestic plane was towed to the de-icing area, where the festival was taking place.

DUTCH the magazine reports that it spoke to a few ‘spotters’ who had lined up hours ahead of time to secure a good location to take photographs. “A beautiful airplane, very graceful,” one of the spotters told us, “sad to see it go.”

KLM took the opportunity to hand out a large number of goodbye gifts, including many model aircraft and a ticket for two to Amsterdam for the lucky winner of a special draw.

FedEx, Air Canada were amongst the airlines that participated in the Festival. Also present were various vendors at the festival.

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