Shusmita Sharma: Candidate For City Council, Ward 7 in Markham

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Mandate is to focus on Youth, Seniors, Communities

By A Correspondent 

Shusmita Sharma, a young community role model announced her candidature for Ward 7, Markham City Council at a press conference on June 27.   Announcing her strong conviction for public service, Sharma said she believes she has the right credentials and background to be in effective and committed service to the people. 

“I am aware of the pivotal issues which concern the people of our communities here and I will tackle them head on,” said Sharma at the Host on June 27.  “Such Issues include Public Transit, Road Improvements, Snow Ploughing and more Police Vigilance but are not limited to these.  We have lots of work to do going ahead.  I am well aware that residents want to know how their tax dollars are being spent and I want to have greater input on community planning in Markham.”

The high achiever, who has raised thousands of dollars for various causes and has been active in volunteerism since her pre-teen days, also emphasized a focus on youth, Seniors and communities if elected as a Councillor.

“Youth involvement is of great importance to any community not only in providing the foundation for long-term connections between its members and enhancing their experiences, but also to shape the community’s identity.   I would allocate more funding to youth programs and encourage them to participate in societal causes so that they focus their energies to become meaningful, successful and proud members of Markham’s vibrant and diverse society,” she stated to a captive audience that included Chief guest Senator Dr. Asha Seth, Dr. Arun Seth and other dignitaries.

Sharma said that Seniors will be one of her top priorities.

“The focus is to create need based better old-age care and programs,” she said.  “We have to support our Seniors for a fulfilling life to promote independent Living, empowerment and community involvement for Seniors.”

If elected, Sharma also wants to engage communities to build a deeper understanding of issues that affect on a day to day basis and help find solutions.

 “I want to work with communities at grassroots level to address language barriers, underemployment, unemployment and isolation and facilitate opportunities for residents to realize their full potential and aspirations to work and invest in the community.”

Senator Dr. Asha Seth also commended Sharma for her strength, courage and determination to bring about change.

“The world’s biggest power is the youth, intelligence and determination of a woman,” she said.  “I am proud to support a candidate that embodies all of these qualities and whom I believe is the best person to represent Ward 7 in the Markham City Council”

“I have known Shusmita Sharma for many years as the bright daughter of Dr. Shivani Sharma, a prominent family physician, and as a motivated professional who has been extremely active in volunteerism and community work in hospitals, just like me.”

“Shusmita has a plan to create opportunities and build bridges with business, government, and of course, civil society organizations that help our most needy citizens.”

JULY 2018

Vol. 12 - No. 12


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