Liberals Call for Action to End Economic Barriers in Canada

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By A Correspondent

The Conservative government must take concrete steps in Budget 2013 to restore Canada’s competitiveness, such as those outlined in today’s report from the Canadian Chamber of Commerce, said Liberal Finance critic Scott Brison on February 12.

“The Chamber of Commerce has very plainly underlined the need for decisive action now to restore Canada’s economic competitiveness and, in turn, prosperity for all families,” said Mr. Brison.

“This latest assessment of Canada’s extensive competitive barriers shows that the Conservative government has failed to make prudent investments in areas where we trail our international competitors.”

The 2013 ‘Top 10 Barriers to Competitiveness’ report once again highlights the gross skills shortage in the Canadian workforce, hugely uncertain and inadequate infrastructure funding, an overly complex tax system and, for the first time, a weakening tourism industry. After years of declining competitiveness and the recent job losses under the Harper Conservatives, it is clear that the federal government has a pressing responsibility to initiate policy changes that will foster jobs and growth for Canadian families.

“Many of these barriers to economic success – from the need for an aboriginal education strategy or the Building Canada Fund’s uncertain future – are precisely the concerns raised by our Leader Bob Rae in his recent letter to the Minister of Finance regarding Budget 2013,” said Mr. Brison. “Under the Conservatives, Canada has averaged its worst economic growth in decades. Budget 2013 is the time to take the sensible steps required to increase job creation and competitiveness in Canada.”

JULY 2018

Vol. 12 - No. 12


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