Ontario’s Focus on Common Ground of Strong Economy...

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... Fair Society, Effective Legislature
Throne Speech Emphasizes New Jobs, Strong Communities and Healthy, Engaged Citizens

By A Correspondent

The new Ontario government is working toward a stronger province that will create good jobs and build strong communities across the province.

The Honourable David C. Onley, Ontario’s Lieutenant Governor, delivered the government’s Speech from the Throne in the legislature on February 19. David C. Onley is Ontario’s 28th Lieutenant Governor. He represents Her Majesty the Queen of Canada.

This Speech from the Throne marks the beginning of the second session of the 40th Parliament of Ontario. Kathleen Wynne is Ontario’s first female premier.

The speech highlighted the government’s way forward to find common ground with the opposition so that Ontario can build a fair society, a strong economy and establish a more accountable legislature.

Highlights include:

•     Eliminating the deficit by 2017-18.

•     Introducing an even-handed approach to balancing the budget, allowing all parties to work together to find savings.

•     Establishing better accountability in the legislature.

•     Focusing on employment opportunities for Ontario’s youth, in partnership with education, labour and private sector partners.

•     Ensuring municipalities and families have input on the location of energy infrastructure in their communities, while continuing to protect the environment and encourage conservation.

•     Ensuring a respectful partnership with labour leaders by building a sustainable process for wage negotiation through collective bargaining.

•     Continuing to build the best education and health care systems in the world.

Kathleen Wynne, Premier of Ontario, said, ““Our government is committed to cooperating with opposition parties to move Ontario forward. We will focus on balancing the budget and ensuring opportunities for every Ontarian without letting anyone slip through the cracks. When we work together, Ontario is a place of endless possibilities.”

JULY 2018

Vol. 12 - No. 12


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