Rahul Gandhi and Omar Abdullah Stay Away during Rape Protests and LoC Violation

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By Omar

Rahul Gandhi and Omar Abdullah are best political-friends. And their parents have filed missing complaints in police stations in Delhi and Jammu respectively. Rahul G’s PA confirmed that a complaint for missing Omar ji has also been filed in Delhi.

He said to media that Omar ji has been trying to follow the footsteps of Rahul G ever since he joined politics. Whatever Rahul G has been doing, he is trying to imitate him.

For instance, wherever Rahul G goes to meet their potential voters, Omar ji tags along himself. And Omar ji feeling very happy to meet Rahul G’s potential voter rather than his own constituency people.

His PA further said to media, “Rahul G didn’t utter a single word against Delhi Gang Rape and it was expected that Omar ji would also not utter a word against LoC violation. And Rahul G is feeling ecstatic because Omar ji also followed him in these two separate incidents.”

But Aam Aadmi, who are expecting lot from these two youths, and their families are also very worried about the missing youths, and they have requested to all people through fakingnews  that if they find any clue about them, please inform at the Old Doordarshan address :

Gumshuda Talash Kendra
Nayi Kotwali
New Delhi – 110002.

But few hours back Omar ji has tweeted, so Jammu police might find him. However, Rahul G is still missing.

Our prayers are with Gandhi family and we hope Rahul G will soon be located and come back to 10 Janpath to take the responsibilities, and will not run awary from it. We hope Omar will also concentrate on his work rather than follow Rahul G’s footsteps.

[Source: Faking News]

JULY 2018

Vol. 12 - No. 12


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