Ontario Must Strengthen Its Trade Relationship with India: Elliott

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By A Correspondent

Ontario will lead Canada in job creation again, but to get there we need to knock down barriers to free and open markets with India and grow Ontario through increased immigration, PC Deputy Leader Christine Elliott said on October 29 in a roundtable with the Indo-Canada Chamber of Commerce (ICCC).

The path to job creation and economic growth means that Ontario should take a lead role in advocating for new international trade agreements and proposing a pro-growth plan to immigration.

“Free trade creates jobs and investment,” Elliott said. “Ontarians benefit from new markets, greater innovation and productivity. Families get access to a wide range of higher quality products at the best price and they have more money left over to invest back into the economy,” Elliott added.

Elliott, who serves as chair of the Job Creation Task Force said that “the Liberals have failed to champion free trade, either within Canada or abroad, they’ve failed to open up new markets for Ontario’s businesses to compete in.”

“In the coming years, India will have a middle class 10 times the size of Canada’s population. India’s market offers Ontario’s businesses vast untapped markets,” Elliott said.

“It’s going to take leadership at Queen’s Park to prioritize the role free trade plays in job creation.”

Elliott concluded the meeting with leaders from the ICCC by stating “Ontario can be the best place in the world to get a job and raise a family, but a critical step in growing our economy is growing the Province’s relationships with international markets, including India.”

JULY 2018

Vol. 12 - No. 12


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