Vol. 1 No. 3                             "India is the cradle of the human race... " - Mark Twain
October 2006 
   "Canada is one of the oldest federations the planet still has up and running." - Roy MacGregor

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India and Canada are a good fit
Yet while there have been calls for Ottawa to step up economic 
ties to India -- or even engage in some form of free trade talks—Canada’s trade and investment with India is meager.

Maher Arar's Ordeal - Canada's Shame
President George W. Bush's "war on terror," includes waging illegal 
war and perpetrating grotesque human rights violations, 
including secret prisons, torture and perpetual detention 
without trial.  [
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INDIA: A Superpower in the Making?
With nearly 1.1 billion inhabitants, India is the second largest country on earth in population, and seventh largest in geographical area, over 1.1 million square miles. This is almost 1,000 people for every square mile of area nationwide—much denser than even China. [Read more ... ]

Union Carbide Must Clean Bhopal Mess - Residents
Union Carbide has failed to appear in the ongoing case in the 
Madhya Pradesh High Court. The company can evade liability 
because it does not have any direct assets in India. All its business 
in India is conducted through a subsidiary of Dow Chemical. 
Survivors allege that the Indian Government, which can enforce Carbide's appearance by going after Dow, is soft-pedalling because 
of pressure from the U.S. government.
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Muslims and the Media in India
The author points to the negligible presence of Muslim employees
 in 'mainstream' media organizations and to the remarkably low 
number of Muslim-owned newspapers and magazines in languages other than Urdu.
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CAMSC calls for procurement policy reform to 
drive economic growth
"The full participation of aboriginals and visible minorities in 
the Canadian economy is crucial for Canada's competitiveness 
and our place in the global economy...Many aboriginals and 
visible minorities are already active entrepreneurs. They are 
tremendous contributors to Canada's private sector, and are 
more likely to be engaged in research and development than 
other entrepreneurs."
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TB and AIDS – India and Canada’s Response to the Global Emergency
The Toronto-Calcutta Foundation and Results Canada presented 
an evening of awareness-raising and relationship-building coinciding
with the AIDS 2006 Conference.
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