Vol. 1 No. 11                             "India is the cradle of the human race... " - Mark Twain
June 2007 
   "Canada is one of the oldest federations the planet still has up and running." - Roy MacGregor

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Jim Karygiannis

On undocumented Workers

June 1-10 Toronto

Arts & Culture Festival


June 23 2007


June 30 2007




Disclosures and Disbelief at Air India Inquiry



93rd Anniversary of the Komagata Maru


The Myth of Canada's Security


Gary Doer wins third time in Manitoba


The Price of Dissent


Effective business partnerships between Canada and India


Donald Stewart: C-IBC Person of the Year 2007 


Karygiannis urges Government to expedite family-reunification


Taxpayer Bill of Rights and Taxpayers' Ombudsman


Aftab to be honoured at Miss India-Canada 2007


Indian Scientists Yet to Study Biodiversity Impacts

Wind Energy Project of Tata Power

Assam: The NDFB’s Resurrection

Hyderabad: Gratuitous Murders
Mosque Bombing

UP: A Mayawi Revolution

Jet Airways readies to fly to Canada


Canadian-built Simulators for ETIHAD fleet


Luminato: Toronto's Arts & Culture Festival


RBC desiFEST Rocked Toronto!


Multicultural Chambers Recognized for their Contributions to Ontario’s Economy  


Fight Hunger: Walk the World's goal


2007 Cricket Festival: July 14 - 15


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