Vol. 4 No. 2                             "India is the cradle of the human race... " - Mark Twain
September 2009  "Canada is one of the oldest federations the planet still has up and running." - Roy MacGregor

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Triggering election?

Michael Ignatieff
Supporting Tories?

Jack Layton
Miss India-Canada 2009

Aanchal Dogra



Liberals' Non-confidence move could trigger election

Will Jack Layton Support Tories?

EDC only Reinsurer in World to receive 
Aaa IFS rating from Moody’s

ACOA Welcomes Incoming Trade Delegation from India

Two Indo-Canadians Appointed to 
Immigration and Refugee Board

Toronto Resident gives back to Out of work Immigrants

When All Else Fails: 
Humanitarian & Compassionate Considerations

Upcoming Events and EVENT REPORT

The Toronto International Film Festival 2009

Kismet: A South Asian Wedding Affair

Suhaag Bridal Show 

C. M. Bhandari as Spiritual Ambassador of India

Aanchal Dogra Crowned Miss India-Canada 2009




Chief Ministers (CM's) at the Conference 
on Internal Security:
The Peacock and the Ostrich

"Blatant Violations of Pictorial Warnings on Tobacco Products in India" - Study

Wake up Call on Childhood Obesity after Years of Neglect

Media must become the Voice of Victimised Children

J&K: Struggle for Militant Renewal

Orissa: Without Will, Purpose or Capacity

Law turns Lawless in Uttar Pradesh

West Bengal: Lalgarh: Eruption Unimpeded



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