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December 2007 "Canada is one of the oldest federations the planet still has up and running." - Roy MacGregor

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Conservatives Show Disregard for Ontario Immigration Deal

Hon.  Maurizio Bevilacqua

OTTAWA – The Conservative government must immediately provide Ontario with the $100 million it is withholding from the province under the Canada-Ontario Immigration Agreement, Citizenship and Immigration Critic Maurizio Bevilacqua said.

“This government has shown yet again its disregard for newcomers by denying Ontario critical funding for immigrant settlement agencies,” said Mr. Bevilacqua. “Clearly, this government doesn’t consider immigration a priority.”

On Wednesday, the Ontario government charged that the Conservatives were $100 million behind in their payments under the $920–million Canada-Ontario Immigration Agreement, a five-year deal signed by the previous Liberal government in 2005.

“It’s appalling that this government is talking out of both sides of its mouth on the Canada-Ontario Agreement,” said Mr. Bevilacqua “They take credit for the former Liberal government’s success in negotiating a historic agreement with Ontario, but when push comes to shove, fail to live up to it.”

Last year, over 250,000 newcomers came to Canada. Of that number, more than 125,000 arrived in Ontario.

Mr. Bevilacqua called Ontario’s charge a wake up call for Immigration Minister Diane Finley,

“This minister must get down to work with her Ontario counterpart to ensure that new Canadians get the help they need and Ontario gets the money it’s owed.”



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