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August 2007  "Canada is one of the oldest federations the planet still has up and running." - Roy MacGregor

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Connecting with Ontarians: Liberal Party's New Style

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George Smitherman with guests

George Smitherman talking to Suresh Jaura

George Smitherman, Deputy Premier and Minister of Health and Long - Term Care was at the screening of English comedy film, the comedy- King of Bollywood on July 11th at Isabel Bader Theatre in Toronto.


After the cocktails George Smitherman welcomed the guests. He emphasized that this was first in the series of Liberal Party connecting with various communities in Greater Toronto Area. The film screening for the South Asian community is to be followed by screening of other films for different communities in the future.


In an interview with Suresh Jaura of Globalom Media’s South Asian Outlook on Web TV, Minister Smitherman, responding to the question whether it was to set the tone for a new kind of campaigning for the upcoming election, he said, “Yes”, we are campaigning to return the Liberals back to power to complete the various programme for serving Ontarians.


Many of the guests present wondered why one of the better-known Bollywood films was not chosen for the evening.


‘The King of Bollywood’ is a satirical take on an ageing superstar in Bollywood, who, although well past the prime of his heydays, still believes that he carries the charisma to play hero to the young actresses in films. In a way, the film also takes a comical look at the way films are sometimes made in Bollywood. The movie was released in India in September 2004.


This is the second film of  writer/director of Piyush Jha: Chalo America .


The event was organised by Young Liberals of Ontario. Several distinguished guests from the South Asian community, including Consul-General of India in Toronto and several MPs and MPPs from the Liberal Party and people from various walks of life were present at this first-ever community event of its kind.


It was interesting to see young Canadian professionals, immigrants over the last few years, like Vijay Sappani, playing an important role in the political process. 



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