Vol. 1 No. 1                                      "India is the cradle of the human race... " - Mark Twain
August 2006 
       "Canada is one of the oldest federations the planet still has up and running." - Roy MacGregor

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Miss India-Canada

Simranjit Singh

Masala! Mehndi! Masti! 2006

XVI International 
AIDS Conference



Greetings on the launch

David Emerson

Monte Solberg

Jim Karygiannis

Celebrating Independence Day


Don't forget taxpayers in fiscal federalism
Canadians contribute about half-a-trillion dollars annually to their governments at all levels. That should be more than enough revenue to pay for all of the programs and services governments provide. [ Read more... ]

Toronto Mayor's Cricket Cup 

India and China Source of Nagging Concern to Europe

The EU has a wide range of contractual relations and political dialogues with strategic partners and regional groupings throughout the world... These include co-operation with the U.S. on homeland security issues and the fight against terrorism, the energy dialogue with Russia and established partnerships with other major producers and their organisations, human rights dialogue with many countries, as well as discussion of global sustainable development with China and India. [ Read more...]


Terrorism in India


"India has suffered from a horrific spate of terrorist attacks. In March of 1993, 13 bomb blasts on economic targets in Mumbai killed 257 people, coming shortly after the destruction of the Babri mosque in Ayodhya by Hindu fundamentalists... On Aug. 25, 2003, a series of car bombs in Bombay killed 60 civilians shortly after dreadful communal riots in the state of Gujarat. On Oct. 29, 2005, two crowded marketplaces and a public bus were blown up in Delhi as part of another series of co-ordinated explosions, leaving more than 60 dead. India's parliament building and its largest mosque have also been targets of terrorism in recent years." - Dhruva Jaishankar in Globe and Mail [ Read more...]

Good intentions are not good enough
Proposed changes weaken the enforcement powers of Human Rights Commission... has not kept pace with the demands of a changing society. [ Read more... ]


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